I suffer from pretty bad congestion.  Blech.  And now that it’s winter, the dryness of the heat blasting doesn’t help.  If you experience the same thing, watch the video for these all-natural products that help me…

Product links:

Olbas Natural Inhaler
Xclear Nasal Spray


2 thoughts on “Natural Relief for Sinus Congestion and Dryness”

  1. Terri A Dunnovski says:

    Why didn’t my ENT tell me about this?? Why have I been on dumb flonase for years, that doesn’t even help? Used last night for the first and could actually sleep because I could finally breathe. I am telling him he should sell these in his office. Girl your so smart.

  2. Jennifer Paluouski says:

    this little nose inhaler is a Godsend. Please write more stuff like this. -Jennifer Paluouski from Nashville

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