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Still not convinced you should be cutting out animal products from your diet?  If the lower rate of cancer, obesity, and mortality haven’t swayed you yet,1 perhaps these pics will.  This is me, before and after I gave up animal products.  And I’m not even referring to red meat — because I rarely at that.  Every day, it was either some form of very lean chicken, turkey, fish, dairy or eggs.

Think it sounds like mission impossible?  Just do your best — start out with one day per week.  Not sure what to eat?  Physician’s Committee for Responsible Medicine, an organization run by over 12,000 physicians who promote plant-based eating, offers a 21-day “kick start” menu with great recipes and ideas found in this link.  There is also a site written by Dr. T. Colin Campbell, author of The China Study, that offers an entire plant-based recipe bank, found here.

Got questions?  Comment below.  Rocky will respond as soon as he wakes up from his nap.

vegan before after pics the daily sprout

3 thoughts on “Plant-Based Diet, Before and After Pics”

  1. says:

    Girl I’m never eating animals again! I love how parents are all about feeding their kids hormone free crap. You nailed it. All living stuff has hormones,! and not to mention like you said the acidity in animal products. you rock.

  2. CBurke5969 says:

    just posted this in your other link… but it’s worth saying again! this is what people need to see. not wellness mama who no offense to her but is OBESE!!!!!!! why are we listening to her? I read on her site she says don’t eat beans. OH GEEZ. you and your cute family are proof to eat plants for fuel

  3. So happy you are my friend and your influence has really made me kick up my veggie consumption bigggggtime!

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