Turn any green smoothie into a frothy, delicious popsicle.  They’re filled with protein and vitamins, so you can feel good eating to your heart’s content (and it’s health).  Great for kiddos, husbands, and anyone who wants a mindless, sweet, healthy treat.

Silly me stated the wrong amount of water in the video — make that five cups.  But, use you’re judgment and make sure they’re thick!  The trick is to make them sweet enough too, otherwise they won’t be tasty.  I promise the liquid stevia will froth them up.

Products Used:

Popsicle Molds
Vanilla Stevia
Chocolate Stevia
Chocolate Rasberry Stevia
Alcohol-free, organic vanilla extract

I also CANNOT recommend a Vitamix enough.  They are pricey, but worth every penny. They come refurbished, with the same warranty, life, and power as a brand new one.  The 5300 refurbished is what I recommend — found here.

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