Root Veg Tempura with Buckwheat flour
Root Veggie Tempura with Buckwheat Flour

Here at The Daily Sprout we eat and cook plant-based.  This started because we simply watched one of those documentaries on Netflix.  That’s all it took. Blech. Then, Dr. Husband declared that he was enjoying a plant-based diet for health reasons, so we stuck with it.  We laugh when we hear an animal is raised “without hormones”.  Cook us up and have a bite.  We don’t take hormones, but you’d be enjoying some on your plate.  All animals have natural hormones, Silly.

Also, the selfish/vain side of us liked the effects of removing meat and dairy: our skin started to glow, we lost weight, we had more energy, we had less congestion and got sick less often, even the whites of our eyes were brighter.  We’ll take all those things, thank you.

We like to take any dish that sounds good and make a healthy version of it.  Yes, the healthy part is key, but we’re not savages: The stuff has to taste delish, too.  And trust us when we say, it always turns out as good, if not better, than its original counterpart.  For example, Dr. Husband comes home and says something like, “Can we have pasta bolognese tonight?”

Of course, Husb.

So we whip-up pasta made entirely of lentils (and more protein than a whole chicken), and a plant-based meat for the gravy.  It usually ends up tasting better than its original counterpart, too.  We’ll do our best to tell you how and what we did for a certain dish.

If you wanna know something or have a dish request, we’re here for you.  Post to our Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, or just yell it really loud.1  That is if we’re not too busy watching our favorite video.

  1. The louder you yell, the more likely we are to respond.

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  1. CBurke5969 says:

    this is what people need to see. not wellness mama who no offense to her but is OBESE!!!!!!! why are we listening to her? I read on her site she says don’t eat beans. OH GEEZ. you and your cute family are proof to eat plants for fuel

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