get glowing the natural way
Makeup free (except for lip gloss, because that would just be weird)

My skin used be dry yet broken-out, dull, and the fine lines were appearing more and more.  It seemed and the best solution was to spend a gazillion dollars on silly creams, and of course, to hide behind makeup.  But as I got wiser1 older, I changed things up a bit.  And wouldn’t you know it, my skin started behaving.

First, I tossed the fancy creams.  No more shopping at department stores for products.  Now I keep the ingredients, makeup included, basic and healthy.  Here are the night-time products that I swear by (the combined price of which is around $40, which is light-years less than what I used to spend).

— Washing with a green tea and olive soap.  It’s packed with antioxidants and fatty acids, which are anti-aging, anti-inflammatory, and highly moisturizing.

— An all-in-one combination of coffee oil, coconut oil, and jojoba oil.  Coffee beans have a natural oil that’s filled with antioxidants that naturally protect and nourish the skin.  And the caffeine will shrink capillaries and pores, tighten skin, decrease inflammation, and help to combat collagen loss.  It also contains coconut and jojoba oil, that supply fatty acids and antioxidants to soften, protect, and fight the signs of aging.

— An organic, unrefined, 100% shea butter.  It won’t cause breakouts, plumps fine lines, protects, moisturizes, and seals in the other products.  Of all the brands I’ve tried, this shea butter spreads the most evenly.

— Slathering my lips in a petrolium-free vasoline and sleeping with an organic silk eye mask from this cute Etsy store.2

In the mornings, no washing — just a few drops of the coffee oil, then onto the best sunscreen of all-time.

I’m also gentle when when I dry my face: gentle little love pats.  And I use an organic towel too.  Coyuchi makes a great one.  They’re pricey, but often on sale.   If you sign-up for their emails, you get 15% off or something.

Next, and most importantly, I realized that healthy skin comes from the inside.  I stopped eating like a nitwit and my skin welcomed the change.  First, proper hydration from food, not just water, is key.  I try to choose ingredients with a high-water content and a great nutrition profile, which include basically all veggies, namely leafy greens, cucumbers, celery, and zucchini.

Next, an acidic diet can cause severe stress on your skin.  Take a look at the amount of animal products you’re consuming, including chicken, turkey, and dairy.  They’re one of the most acidic foods out there, not to mention the sodium, saturated fat, lack of fiber, and hormones they contain.  (Yes, even animals “raised without hormones” still have hormones, Silly.)

There are so many substitutes for animal products.  Switch for even a few days per week.  My favorites are:

— Beans and legumes: Duh, they’re delish and packed with as much protein as chicken.  Opt-for sprouted or low-tanin, which are in the bulk section of Whole Foods.

— Nutritional yeast: If you’re not familar, check this out.  It has only one gram of net carbs, nine grams of protein, and it’s a complete protein.  It’s also freaking delicious.  This one by Foods Alive doesn’t have synthetic vitamins added.

— Plant-based protein powder: I use one that’s unflavored and even mix it in with salad dressing or sprinkle in on veggies.  Garden of Life makes a great one.  For smoothies or shakes, I like the vanilla flavor.

— Chia seeds, sprouted nuts, and sprouted seeds: Sprinkle those little gems on anything you’re eating.  I have yet to find a food that doesn’t mix well with them.  Just don’t go nuts (sorry for the bad pun).  They quite high in fat.

— And my favorite: Spirulina: It’s one of the healthiest foods on the planet.  This one from Hawaii is excellent.  Be hardcore like me and just mix it with whatever you want.  I happen to like the taste, but if you don’t, throw a tablespoon in with a smoothie to mask it.

If you’re struggling with your skin, just give it a try.  I promise you’ll notice a difference, and so will your wallet.  You can buy me a drink later to thank me.

No foundation glow
Nothing else except for eye makeup and highlighter
  1. Let’s be honest, that never happened.
  2. Is there an Etsy store that isn’t cute?

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