Beyond Meat Beyond Burger
Standard veggie burger on left,  Beyond Meat Beyond Burger on right

Dr. H loves a good veggie burger.  The ones we use are soy-free and have just as much protein as meat.  But last night, I cooked him up a new veggie burger; one so animal-like that it’s been written about in the WSJ (it bleeds!): the Beyond Burger from Beyond Meat.  How did it stack-up against our old stand-by?  If it’s the taste of meat you’re after, check this out.

Regular veggie burger is the first one, Beyond Meat is the second.

Standard veggie burger versus The Beyond Burger from Beyond Meat


2 thoughts on “Veggie Burger Showdown: A Meat Lover’s Choice”

  1. They’re not available in California yet (weird, right?!) but I’ll look for them 🙂

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