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On New Year’s Day, I got five separate emails from TDS followers asking for hangover remedies.  Oh do I have good news for you guys.

You know that game where everyone says what their superpower would be, like flying, invisibility, and immortality?  Mine is that I’d never be hung over. Two glasses of wine for me, and I don’t sleep well.  Plus, the next day isn’t great.  Three or more and I’m a complete waste of space.  Of course, as I’ve gotten older (and no wiser), my hangovers have gotten worse too.

Because superpowers are obviously a real thing, I started researching.  We were in Spain recently, where the wine flows.  Every night I conducted a little experiment.  From what I found, there are two products that help me.

The first is a concentration of compounds from a plant, called Ampelopsin, also known as dihydromyricetin, indigenous to Asia.  It comes in capsules, but those have fillers, so I take the pure stuff that I buy here.  There’s a scooper in the bag: I use one scoop before drinking and one before bed, each one with at least two full glasses of water. They say add in an additional scoop for every three drinks.

The next is an all-natural, filler-free electrolyte booster that I buy here.  I use half a teaspoon before bed with water, and the same in the morning.

As long as I don’t go crazy, these two things have helped me exist as a human after drinking.  If you try it, or just want to share a story of what a nitwit you are like I am, comment below.

2 thoughts on “Prevent a Hangover Naturally and Effectively”

  1. I’m buying these right now. Thank you!

  2. Marisa how cow you are brilllllllliant. BF and had two yr anniversary yesterday. Came home to bottle of wine and candles (I know, he’s amazing). From there had a SECOND bottle at dinner. Was so nervous I would a “waste of space” today as you say (that made me laugh). But OMG I was fine. I just ordered two more bottles of both to give to my girlfriends. I. LOVE. YOU.

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