Welcome to The Daily Sprout.  Good to meet you.

We are a wife (Marisa, lawyer), husband (doctor), and dog (Rocky, best guy ever).  After years of research on what’s best for our family, we’re here to share that information with you.

Medicine has allowed us to live longer and longer.  But, what’s the benefit of the average life expectancy increasing if you’re just going to live out those years with more illness?  That’s why we created The Daily Sprout.  With Wife’s research, husband’s doctorisms, and Rocky being the best man in the world, we think you’ll probably want to date us. (Fine, we’ll meet your parents.  But we think that’s a bit premature.)

If you’re here, maybe you heard, like we did, that medical science is having trouble explaining the rise of certain conditions, including:

  • A rise in pediatric allergies;
  • Early-onset of puberty in children;
  • Earlier and more aggressive forms of breast cancer; and
  • Increasing rates of low testosterone and sexual dysfunction in young men.

Or, maybe what led you here are every day problems, like:

  • headaches;
  • skin trouble;
  • problems losing weight;
  • thyroid problems; or
  • maybe, in some weird, alternate universe you just want what’s best for you and your family.  Oh wait, we wanted the same thing.

The internet is saturated with advice on living a cleaner, greener life.  Great.  But we’re a bit different.  You’ll get the why and we’ll show you supporting evidence to our claims.  But our hearts lie in the what, like what foods prevent illness (did you know cucumbers prevent cancer?), what foods make your skin glow (hint: cloves), what foods fight an iron deficiency anemia (sprouted lentils…mmmm), and what beauty products won’t affect your estrogen levels, yet still work even better than mainstream cosmetics (mascara made from blueberries – oh yea).

We hope you enjoy our site.  Make comments, good or bad (we can take it). But like we said, we think it’s premature to meet your folks.  Nice chatting and talk soon.


2 thoughts on “What We Do”

  1. David Witney Ii says:

    Thank you for sharing your journey. May the Father the Son and Spirit always bless you.

  2. Amy Corbel says:

    This is so cute! I love your blog. Helping me make the transition to plant-based. Thanks guys!

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