I love the effects coffee oil has when applied to skin.  If you saw my post on naturally radiant skin, you know there’s a coffee oil I use both day and night.

Another thing I also do is apply coffee grounds to my face.  It’s ridiculous and never fails to get a chuckle from Dr. Husband.  I. Don’t. Care.  Once or twice a month, when I have some extra time in the morning, here’s my ritual:

topically applied coffee oil

  • Once the grounds have cooled (be careful they’re not hot!), yet they’re still moist, apply as much as will stick to your face;
  • Allow to dry, around ten minutes; and
  • Splash face with water over the sink to remove them.

skin loves coffee oil skin loves coffee oil

Caveat!  The coffee beans must be organic — the results will not be the same if they are not.1 

  • Organic beans have significantly more antioxidants than conventional, and
  • They do not contain the toxic metals and pesticide residue that no one wants on their face.

Here’s what it does and why it works: A double-blind controlled study involving skin care that contained coffee oil resulted in significant improvement in “the appearance of wrinkles, firmness, hyperpigmentation, blotchy redness, tactile roughness and clarity in photodamaged skin”. 2  And if that’s not reason enough, there’s more: Coffee oil can protect skin from UV-induced photoaging (premature aging of the skin).3

I also recommend an old school french press.  Plastic ones have been known to cause illness.4

skin loves coffee oil

Start out with a few drops of the coffee oil in the morning and night.  Then on a lazy morning, make your way to Coffee Face.  You’ll love the results.

the daily sprout coffee oil applied to skin

4 thoughts on “Coffee Oil to Repair and Protect Skin”

  1. Your skin looks amazing! I’m gonna try

    1. Thank you! You’ll love the results.

  2. Kim Gallowich says:

    Hello Marisa,, I ordered my coffe oil and Shea butter and soap immediately after reading this. I just LOVE the results, My skin feels amazing and has a natural glow that people pay big money to get !!! I can’t leave home without a splash of coffee oil and a dab of Shea butter. Thank you !

  3. Taryn Brokowski says:

    I read this and thought what a cute idea worth trying! Made coffee today for lazy Sunday. Husband thought I was crazy, putting coffee grounds on face, I didn’t care! But I sure didn’t care after I rinsed it off. Girl you’re a genius! Glowy skin galore. Keep the ideas coming please!

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