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If Husb told me we were moving to Japan, I’d be on the next flight out.  (Sorry, Mom.)  It is one of my favorite places in the world.  The culture is like nothing I’ve ever seen.  And with all the natural beauty in the country, the most stunning?  The women.  They look ageless, always calm, have stunning figures, and are always incredibly put together.  So on my last trip to Japan, I was determined to uncover the secrets of these women!  And I promise to share with you what I found.

Today’s reveal of my favorite product I found there: THE BEST RELAXATION PRODUCT EVER INVENTED: an amazing steam eye mask that gently warms up, while giving off a calming, tranquil steam.  (My eyes got heavy just writing that.)  It’s the same concept as those hand warmers that heat up once exposed to air, yet different and better.  I use them all the time, whether to nap, on a plane, or simply to de-stress.  They come individually wrapped in a box of 14 for around $14, making them ONE DOLLAR EACH.  They’re also made in Japan, which is great because of the strict product regulations there.

There are no english directions on the box, which is charming in itself if you ask me.  Simply open up a package, tear the mask at the perforation so it unfolds, and hook each side over one ear, like this:

japanese women beauty secrets

In a minute or so you’ll be in relaxation heaven.  The heat/steam will last for about 15 minutes.  They come in scents too, like lavender and rose, but I prefer the unscented.

As I could only bring back two boxes from Japan, imagine my excitement when I found them on Amazon.

Can’t wait for you to try them.  And look-out for more tips and tricks I learned in Japan.


4 thoughts on “The Incredible One-Dollar Relaxation Product I Found in Japan”

  1. I am ordering these right now! You said you prefer unscented, but have you tried the lavender? Could be super relaxing!

  2. Hoof Hearted says:

    This is just what I need. Thank you TDS I ordered them for my and all of my best GFs. They are so affordable I can spring for the whole gangs relaxation.

    1. The Daily Sprout says:

      Hi Hoof! Let me know how they like them.

  3. Thank you for information.

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